Matthew F Fisher

“I don’t paint from life; I make life in the studio.” 

Matthew F Fisher’s (b. 1976, Boston MA) artistic practice contemplates nature’s life cycles and the universe at large using a highly stylised visual language of recurring motifs, comprising frozen waves, statuesque sea shells and crustaceans, monolithic rock formations, soaring gulls, radiating suns, and orbiting planets. Fisher adopts this distinguishable symbolism to explore the concept of the ocean as metaphor for the cosmos; a vast and mysterious space, incomprehensible yet alluring, never-ending and perpetually in motion. 


Having grown an affinity for the natural world from a childhood spent near the water, Fisher renders seaside scenes and graphic natural forms using memories of experience of being in nature, rather than painting directly from it. His slow, laboured practice of layering acrylic and inks into smooth waves and glowing orbs, or flecks of sand and spray, adds to the great sense of presence that these symbols - fossilised in paint - exude. His compositions strike a balance between familiarity and surrealism; maintaining deeply personal meaning within his work whilst enabling the viewer to derive their own narrative. He states: “I strive to make works that meet in the middle – between me and you.”


Fisher lives and works in Manhattan, New York City. His works have been placed in public and corporate collections, including: the New York City Department of Education - Public Art for Public Schools, Fidelity Investments (Boston, MA), the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (Philadelphia, PA), and Dogfish Brewery (Milton, DE). Fisher has exhibited widely at Taymour Grahne Projects, London (2022), Ochi Projects, Los Angeles (2021); SHRINE, New York (2020); Johansson Projects, Oakland, CA (2018); Over Under Room, NY (2018); and Taymour Grahne Gallery, New York (2017), among many others.


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