Cactus Moon Studio is a new company specialised in the production of limited-edition artworks and art publications. By collaborating with some of the world’s most exciting emerging contemporary artists and through monthly curated online releases, we produce, publish, and present limited edition prints, objects, furniture, and books.


Founded by London-based art dealer Taymour Grahne in 2022, Cactus Moon Studio caters to a new generation of collectors who value accessibility, affordability, and transparency. We aim to launch and expand your collection through limited and unique releases, by artists we have hand-picked as the ones to watch. We hope that within this space another symbiotic relationship can take hold: one between a new generation of collectors and a new generation of artists.


We are artist-centric by nature; providing a space for emerging creators as they expand into new mediums and supporting artists as they explore new possibilities and forms of expression. We connect with artists on working on projects of their dreams. Editions are commissioned and created with the most talented printers and fabricators to ensure the highest calibre of production. 


Cactus Moon Studio is an offshoot of Taymour Grahne Projects: a gallery with one foot in today’s art world and another on the ground discovering up-and-coming artists of tomorrow. Our founder Taymour Grahne has spotted and exhibited many exciting artists early on, including: GaHee Park, Dominique Fung, Hassan Hajjaj, Maia Cruz Palileo, Cara Nahaul, Madelynn Green, Amy Lincoln, Mikey Yates, Hilary Doyle, James Bartolacci, Coady Brown, and Eliot Greenwald, among many others. 


Named after the moon cactus, we’ll act as the supportive platform to this new offshoot, offering access to on-the-up artists, and everything a new collector needs to flourish. The moon cactus is a magical hybrid of two separate plants - the dragon fruit base of water, nutrients and life; and the bud which blooms for a short but vibrant period of time. You could call it a limited-edition bloom. 



We partner with Art Money to make art more accessible, support artists and a sustainable creative economy. Art Money allows you to enjoy your artwork now and pay over time. Get started here or enquire with us for more information. 


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